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Adult and child swimming lessons: How we do things

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Adult and child swimming lessons are our passion and privilege. Hearing back from our swimmers of all ages is honestly one of our favourite things in the whole world. Especially when they come back with heart warming and emotional stories about a life being saved.

Hi Tes,

Tabisa here.  My son Lulibo and I took lessons with you a few years ago (5yrs ago).  You might not remember us. 

I just wanted to let you know that what you are doing is not just for fun.  Libo saved his 3yr old cousin’s life last year.  The cousin was drowning and Libo pulled him out of the pool.  I was shocked and asked him how he knew what to do.  He said “Tes taught us”.  When you feel discouraged or exhausted, know that there are testimonials out there and blessings said in silence.

Thank you so much for imparting this essential skill.  God bless you.  




Good Day Tes,

Happy New Year.

We had a near drowning incident this past Saturday and we are pleased to let you know that Neo swam by herself to the edge of the pool. Her swimming lessons are definitely invaluable to us. 

Are there still slots available on Wednesday afternoon?


Sipho &Mohau


But of course there is more to swimming than life saving (even though that is the most important part). We are here to help with learning to swim for adults going on holidays as well! And we just love to hear back about how it went after lots of hard work and training. 🙂

Hi Tess,

I just wanted to say thank you for the swimming lessons for my trip to Bali. It really made my trip amazing! I swam everyday in countless infinity pools and for some reason I had the confidence to swim to  and have fun.

I will see you next year for more lessons!

Enjoy the holidays.



As for our child swimming lessons we love to hear back about accomplishments and what they are proud of the most!

Our son started swimming with Tes and her team when he just turned 4. He was VERY scared of swimming and there was NO WAY he would go in the swimming pool without me or his dad with him in the pool. They were so accommodating something we did not find anywhere else. They let him, depsite being older, start going into the water and swimming with us in the pool with him. They let him gain confidence at his own pace and we slowly started getting less involved until we could only sit in the pool and eventually next to the pool. They won him over with their gentle ways and the way they make lessons sooo fun and playful! He slowly grew from scared to okay to confident to LOVING swimming lessons and his swimming teacher. He has despite missing MANY lessons due to illness or our being away progressed AMAZINGLY from A FEAR OF AND NO EXPOSURE TO WATER AND SWIMMING to the point of almost SWIMMING a few metres by himself IN DIFFERENT STROKES in less than a year!!! We cannot recommend Funky Swim School more higly enough! Do yourself a favor and enrol with them! I PROMISE you you won’t find a more friendly, fun and efficient all in one swim school! They are AWESOME! We are so grateful for having found them! 



This are just some of the feedback we have gotten over the years, and we couldn’t be happier!

Thank you to our dedicated team for such close attention to detail and thank you to our amazing swimmers for never giving up on themselves. 🙂

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