Funky Swim School

Our swimming programmes are Swimming SA based and include many extra friendly fun activities to help you learn to swim or get better. We believe that fun builds confidence. Programmes start with a basic level that allows each swimmer to build confidence without pressure before going on to the next level.

We do not use floatation devices such as armbands as this slows down the process of learning to swim and encourages fear and a lack of self-confidence or even worse too much false confidence.

While everyone learns to swim at their own pace, as a general guideline, our young swimmers are usually waterborne within 3 to 6 months. Adults learn to swim in 8 to 10 lessons and then go on to perfect their strokes.

We do not drown-proof anyone. We prefer the term water wise rather than drown proof. We believe that no child or person can be water safe, but we can be water wise.

Also, what is traditionally referred to as drown proofing can be very traumatic for children. We NEVER throw children into the pool and we NEVER dunk them. We want them to love swimming and traumatizing them is not the way to achieve this.

We can help anyone learn to swim, regardless of age.

We teach our swimmers, both adults and children, rescue methods.

Swimmers are grouped together taking into account both swimming level and age. Our classes are kept small to ensure personal attention. Teachers are always in the water with the swimmers and not standing at the side of the pool yelling instructions at a poor floundering child.

Swimming lessons last for 25 minutes with an extra 5 minute play time added on for child swimmers.

Swimming lessons are recommended to be held twice a week as swimming is a skill that is learnt through repetition. We do however understand that it is not always possible to manage twice a week lessons due to either time or financial constraints.

We do our utmost to accommodate our swimmers with our extended hours which are Mondays through Thursdays from 2.30pm to 7pm and on Saturdays from 7am to 12 noon.

Our Swimming Programs Include:

Parent And Child Classes

Our parent and child classes are fun for both the parents and their toddlers. Moms or dads get to share some very special moments in the water with their toddler as they are guided by our instructors on how to gently develop their toddler’s confidence in the water.

This course prepares toddlers for learning to swim. Before a child can learn to swim he or she must be happy, relaxed and completely comfortable in the water.

We believe that the best time to start swimming lessons is around 18 months old. Swimming nappies are essential. A one-piece costume worn over the swimming nappies also helps to ensure that accidents are kept to a minimum.

Learn To Swim For Children

We have taught literally thousands of children to learn to swim. Our young swimmers are usually waterborne within 3 to 6 months.

We do not use any traumatic teaching methods. We believe in being kind and making swimming fun. We work hard to build relationships based on trust with our young swimmers. We believe this is a critical part of learning to swim.

Our methods have been so successful that many moms have told us that their swimming lessons have boosted the child’s self-confidence to such a large degree that the children are coping better at their schools as well.

Learn To Swim For Adults

There are a surprisingly large number of adults who have never learnt to swim. This could be because they never had access to a swimming pool or due to a serious fear of water.

Whatever the reason for never learning to swim, we want you to know that you can learn to swim at any age, even if you have a paralysing fear of water. We can help you overcome your fears and learn to love swimming.

Stroke Correction

In these swim lessons we focus on stoke correction and stroke perfection in order to take an already accomplished swimmer to the next level.

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons for those who feel uncomfortable in group lessons.

We do not recommend private lessons, unless there is a specific reason for them, as we feel that more progress is achieved in the group lessons. A healthy sense of camaraderie and sometimes even friendly competition all add to the experience in group lessons.

Individual lessons are normally only really necessary when the child is unable to cope or focus in a group environment. We normally start our young swimmers who have Down syndrome or are autistic in individual classes and then look at the possibility of integrating them into group classes later.

Individual lessons are 25 minutes each.

Child Minder Essentials

There have been horrific cases of child minders not being able to help their young charges who have fallen into swimming pools because they themselves were unable to swim.

This program is designed specifically for these situations. It focuses on teaching child minders survival skills in deep water such as swimming, treading and floating. Once confidence is established in these areas we move on to how to pull a child out of deep water quickly and safely.

All of our swimming programmes are designed to give you the best experience learning to swim. We believe that enjoying it will help you learn.

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