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Private Swimming Lessons

private swimming lessons
07 Nov

We often get a mom or dad requesting private swimming lessons for their child since they believe that this would be the best option.

The reality is a little different. Private swimming lessons, or individual lessons, are not always the best solution. There are times when we recommend individual lessons, but normally only if there is a specific reason for it.

Good reasons for private swimming lessons

  1. If a child is particularly sensitive to sound then a loud and splashy pool can become a problem.
  2. If the child has a physical disability and needs continual physical support they need the full attention of the instructor at all times.
  3. If the child is easily distracted and unable to focus when there are other children in the pool.
  4. If the child has a mental disability.
  5. If the child suffers from an unreasonably high fear level in the water.

In the absence of these types of reasons we always recommend group lessons above private swimming lessons. The group lessons only have a maximum of 4 children in a class to keep it manageable and safe. The advantages of the group lessons are numerous but the primary one is that children tend to progress much faster. The reason for this is that a fun, competitive environment is maintained. So the children have more fun, try harder and learn from watching each other when they are not sure what to do.

Any good swim school will first do an assessment with each child before accepting their booking. During this assessment it will be determined if private swimming lessons are necessary or if group swimming lessons will be best.